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Growing Granola Box April

March was a tough month. We got licensed and certified to produce our granola in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. However it has not come together. A few things I have learned is that taking a product from outside a retail store is much different.

Haylie my daughter is in charge of production made mistakes that kept us from actually being able to get our product on the shelf. Quality control of creating proper labeling and learning how to package by weight all became huge issues for us in the first month.

We started working on retail locations. We attend local events to get our product into the hands of our consumer. Having it in stores is not a guarantee either. Sourcing best printers and focusing on what the vision will be is like building the foundation of the business. As we got going it was apparent that we needed to decide on what we would offer to retailers in our line. We decided on total of six blends plus an EXCLUSIVE GRANOLA OF THE MONTH FOR STORE LOCATIONS ONLY! Month of April flavor of the month will be Strawberry Chocolate.

Event only We will offer a Limited Edition Strawberry Cheesecake Granola and Strawberry Protein Bars. Both of these will be available on the website. http://www.granolabox.biz However not in retail stores. Our goal is to have consumers try to seek out our Limited Edition Small Batch granola’s at local event that we attend.

We worked on our shipping plan as well. We will be shipping using US Mail because we found this the most inexpensive.

We had to focus on branding & packaging. As we have developed over the past 12 months we have learned that plastic bags did not look or keep our granola fresh. So in July last year we went to a fresh box that has worked well. However when you are looking at shipping we went back to the drawing board and came up with a bag that keeps the product fresher where we do not have preservatives this was important.

On top of all this I became very ill at the end of March. I think partly because of the stress of all of it. April we are needing 2 more shows to fill our Events Calendar one venue we were unable to attend because it was sold out. We also looked at our Events Presentation and purchased a new banner and signage and changed up the colors to draw people to our booth.

Local advertising will be focused on our retailer locations to promote the Stores and drive customers to the retailor partnerships we are forming. We had printed really nice posters for our locations.

Our website we had evaluated by an internet company and made changes to the site. We still need to work on getting people to go and shop the site. We added recipe section that we will continue to add new recipes too.

Here is to business growth in April